Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We went home last week and it felt good. Like, really good. It was so good to see my little babies, hang out with my sister and spend some time with my family.

Did I mention that it felt really good to be at home?

We ended up driving home Wednesday night because David had to be up in Chicago Thursday and Friday for a doctor's appointment. After a barium swallow Thursday to check how well food was going down and having his esophagus scoped Friday, the doctor gave David a clean bill of health. When she came back to talk to Denise and I, his doctor told me (because my skinny redhead was still knocked out from the crazy relaxation cocktail beforehand and the anesthesia during the procedure) he needs to make sure he's drinking plenty of liquids when he eats, is really chewing his food and isn't inhaling his food in giant bites.

That translates into this: I can now add "Nagging Wife" to my resume. I'm sure David is thrilled.

Anyway, you should have seen the attention this kid got while we were at Children's Memorial in Chicago. It was like walking through the hospital with a superstar. As we were checking in, Denise saw one of David's old nurses and yelled at her across the lobby. Donna, the nurse, recognized Denise immediately and ran over to say "Hi" and spend a few minutes catching up. Of course, I was introduced as David's wife and immediately realized my purpose on this trip: To make all of his old nurses and doctors feel ancient.

We spent the next hour making the rounds to different floors to visit nurses that had worked on David when he was little. Each one gave me the once over to make sure I was good enough to be married to "their boy," and proceeded to tell me all kinds of stories about how polite - and funny - their little David was.

As David got ready to go in for his could-be dilation, more doctors and nurses filed into his room to see how "little David with the red, curly hair" had grown up and gotten married. They exchanged stories with Denise and got caught up with David's life thus far. It was so neat to see so many people who had a hand in putting my husband back together as a baby. I'm sure glad they did such a good job on him.

Of course, that meant after all of the visitors - and the crazy drugs they gave David - he was wiped out. Really, really wiped out.

We got back to Clinton late Friday afternoon and spent the next couple of days recovering from our Chicago trip.

Of course, I had to go see my babies. Mom had sent me a couple of pictures, but I hadn't been home to see any of them yet. I headed out to the house Friday night to take pictures of the horses and ended up doing chores.

While I was home, my beautiful Linny girl decided to have her baby! I was so happy I was home when she had it. If I hadn't been, I would have had to wait for months for pictures of my newest little boy.

I think I'm going to call him Jack. Or Herman. I haven't decided.

Anyway, Saturday we took it easy. Janell and I did a little shopping for her internship and David caught up on some sleep.

Unfortunately, we made the drive back to Lincoln Sunday.

But, it was good to be home. Even for a few days...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Tomorrow, I promise to have a post that explains this:

And this:

And this:

Don't worry. These pictures are unrelated. Mostly.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Army

This weekend, I found out The General is bringing a couple of lieutenants with her.

She's bringing the grandparents with her - not the horse. In case you were wondering.

The question now becomes, will all three of them make it here in one piece? Or, will someone NOT survive the 16 hour round trip?